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About Us


Who we Are

Amsel von Spreckelsen (CIMA Dip MA) (They/Them) has over 12 years of experience as a dedicated charity management accountant and understands the finance function of small and medium organisations inside out. They have worked at strategic, management and operational level across a range of roles and sectors.

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​Blackbird Charity Finance is an independent finance and governance consultancy that specialises in the charitable sector. We believe that organisations are their people, and that people are themselves; unique, whole, and complete. When you hire us to work with your stakeholders, your staff, and your volunteers we will treat each and every one as an individual to be listened to, respected and understood. We will take on your organisation’s goals and ideals as our own, but we will also allow our own values to shine through.

Independence: At BCF we are not owned by anyone. When we work for you, we take on your charitable objects as our guiding principle.

Intersectionality: Charities work within complex environments where identities meet and impact, and financial control is not driven solely by profit. At BCF we will always work with people as they are.

Integrity: As a consultancy dealing with finance and governance, we will sometimes have to present difficult conclusions or advise on hard decisions. At BCF, we will always tell the truth of the situation as we understand it, and back that up with evidence and experience. We believe clients hire us to know what we have to say, not what they want to hear.

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What We Do

Blackbird Charity Finance specialises in small and medium charities. We understand the structural challenges around orienting financial information and control towards service-led KPIs and other performance metrics.

Blackbird Charity Finance can help with any of the following issues, and more:

  • Governance, Compliance and the Regulatory Framework

  • Charity VAT

  • Monthly Management Accounting and Financial reporting

  • Fund Accounting

  • Fund Restrictions

  • Bid Writing and Business Cases

  • Budgeting: Creating, understanding and controlling budgets

  • Gift Aid

  • Cultural Tax Relief Schemes (TTR, OTR, MGETR)